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Reported issues: 9


11:19 am ZabApp Feature #9: Use the same theme for the entire app
Maybe the issue is resolved, but we need to verify the whole app to ensure the theme is consistent throughout the pages
10:51 am ZabApp Bug #17 (Closed): Alarm list not readable on 2.3 devices
The alarm list on android 2.3 devices is not easily readable (grey fonts on black background)


03:45 pm ZabApp Feature #16 (Closed): Improve notifications
- use the standard Zabbix sounds for the notifications
- link the notification to the trigger of the host that gener...
03:37 pm ZabApp Feature #15 (New): Improve Graphs
- use the same colors for the graphs
- include in the legend the last value of the item
03:24 pm ZabApp Feature #13 (Closed): Improve Triggers
When you tap over a trigger, a popup must be shown, indicating the trigger details and a button to acknowledge (possi...
03:22 pm ZabApp Feature #12 (New): Manage Multisession/State
We need to complete the Multisession/State management
03:21 pm ZabApp Feature #11 (New): Manage Cache
The cache management needs to be completed
03:20 pm ZabApp Feature #10 (New): Add "Settings" Page
03:19 pm ZabApp Feature #9 (Closed): Use the same theme for the entire app
Currently, some item is white and some other is black. We need to use the same theme across the entire application.
03:14 pm ZabApp Feature #8 (Closed): Add toasts indicating that data are loading
Currently, users have no feedback that data are loading.

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